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So you know when you share Snaps with someone every day and you build up a Snapstreak - that little fire emoji with a number next to it - well that can vanish after 24 hours if you both don't send each other a Snapchat.

The hourglass emoji is a handy reminder that you need to send each other a picture of pizza or a selfie with 700 chins, like, NOW, or you'll lose your epic streak!

Every time Snapchat brings out a new update, there always seems to be some cryptic addition that send the Internet totally cray - and this one is no exception!

People around the world have been tearing their hair out trying to figure out what the hourglass emoji means next to their friends' names...

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And while there are more ways than ever to stay connected, it’s also easy to feel like you’re drifting when the extent of your staying in touch is via Facebook walls or texts.Wanna know what the rest of Snapchat's friend emojis mean? The Dutch settlers brought their tradition of Sinterklaas (St.It will be like being the leader of your very own Pokemon Gym!To create a secret base you must first teach a Pokemon TM94 Secret Power.Better yet, make it a Google Hangout so we can see your friends (and grab mimosas and have a virtual brunch!