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The expected play in this scenario would be having Kyle screw up his first happily-wedded Christmas, but instead, he outwits the others.

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Total noob here...hopefully somebody can help me without me screwing anything up. One is a hastebin server that was just moved to a new IP. The other was always reached by typing the IP, but i'd like it to be reachable similar to the hastebin example. When I ping returns the old IP and says host unreachable.I SSH to our linux router and cd to /var/bind/internal and found the zone file that the hastebin DNS entry was in. I also added the other site to this file and I can still only reach it by typing the IP.

There are always trade-offs for each choice you make in designing your KMZ.

When you save a placemark or folder from your Places panel you have the choice to save your content as a KMZ file or a KML file.

This is similar to the way that web browsers allow you to save complete web pages, including images and style sheets, or just the HTML for a single web page.

This error can be caused by software programs or inadvertently or deliberately by a user to create a false time stamp.

There are also a large number of programs available that are designed for manipulating time stamps.