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Even with good filters, some of the spam makes it through. In this article, we will answer these questions and many others as we take a dive into the sea of spam. According to Business Week magazine: In a single day in May [2003], No.

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They just come back to you a week later and they're like "I cant believe how everything turned out so wrong." You want to know why everything turned out wrong?

Get over the girlfriend, get over the boyfriend, or whatever the f*** you're yearning for, and live f*****' life.

There is nothing quite like listening to a squirrel rant about things that make you mad.

Talking about those jurks that flash their lights at you and cut you off in...

There are certain types of people in this world that just p*** me off to no end.

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A Change Of Face: Foamy starts going off about coffee-prices, menus, and the comic strip Cathy. Silly Rabbit Funny Shit Squirrels Comedy Lord Humor Forward. Site Icon Popular Sites Squirrels Jokes Nerdy Funny Stuff Internet Foamy the squirrel dating advice Forward.

Foamy sings for the first time (poorly, but far catchier than one might imagine).

" 5 More Minutes (05/22/2003) - Foamy wants a bagel at am.