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MOSA, founded in 1963 is a leader in the design and production of professional engine driven welders and generators.

Over the past 50 years MOSA has supplied several hundred thousand of these units throughout the world and the name MOSA has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

The structure of finitely generated abelian groups in particular is easily described.

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With this purchase, they acquired the water rights to the eastern rapids above and below the falls as well.

The Porter's built a water powered gristmill and tannery along Joncairs' old ditch.

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Follow the history of these milestones in the development of hydro-electric generation over the last 250 years to the present time.

In this case, 〈x〉 is the cyclic subgroup of the powers of x, a cyclic group, and we say this group is generated by x.

Equivalent to saying an element x generates a group is saying that 〈x〉 equals the entire group G.

For finite groups, it is also equivalent to saying that x has order |G|.

If G is a topological group then a subset S of G is called a set of topological generators if 〈S〉 is dense in G i.e. If S is finite, then a group G = 〈S〉 is called finitely generated.