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For instance, all the server-side validation you did could just as easily have been done in Perl, Java Script, or C .

Similarly, the [ava Script-based client-side validation you did requires no use of Cold Fusion.

However, if you reload the saved data directly back into the form coldfusion blows up when it comes to the datefield. When Cold Fusion reloads the form it loads the some Date value as a string.

However the datefield input type expects a datetime object and subsequently breaks.

From the way the question is phrased I believe the reader is probably proficient at Java Script.

There are some amazing things you can do with Java Script, and I'm in favor of creating intuitive interfaces that help your user cope with the complexity of your application.

Today I encountered yet another quirk with the datefield input type.

As I continue to use the datefield type in cfforms I continue to find quirks with Cold Fusion and dates. If you create a simple form with a datefield type input coldfusion can save that field correctly.

This question refers to the previous post on form validation. Area code and exchange must begin with digit 1 - 9. creditcard: strips blanks and dashes; verifies number using mod10 algorithm. social_security_number: verifies format ###-##-####. If you specify this attribute, an animated icon appears with the text "Loading..." while the tip is being loaded.The Cold Fusion validation attributes you have looked at so far have addressed only forcing a field to be required and checking the data provided in text fields.At other times, however, it may be necessary to validate the data provided in other fields.Specifies entry completion suggestions to display as the user types into a text input. A mask pattern that controls the character pattern that users can enter, or that the form sends to Cold Fusion.