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5 things to know about dating a journalist

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We can pick up on subtleties, so what you think you are hiding from us won’t be hidden for long.

talking to you and yet thinking about the article they will be writing later on). Us journalists are witty, passionate and driven – but we’re also neurotic, sleep deprived and attached to our smartphones.Not only will we ask who you’ve been with, we will also ask when it was, for how long and how serious it was.If you make us do the same with you, you’re just gonna piss us off. We’ll respond with the vengeance of an Op-Ed page railing against society’s injustices — and we’ll enjoy doing it. Don’t be upset when an argument against your adoration of Hillary Clinton turns up on page A4. The same will happen when you say “anxious” when you mean “eager” and when you answer “good” when someone asks how you are doing. Embrace it (that’s what attracted you to us in the first place, after all).We’re not directing the writing at you, personally — your ignorance was just our inspiration (there, doesn’t that make you feel better? Don’t be surprised if we’re not impressed when you say, “I’m a writer, too.” No, you are not.For the benefit of you guys and gals reading this let me try to put it in a more ordered list. Those are the ups and downs of dating or having a relationship with a journalist.